The crusher manufacturing promotes the development of industry

In the process of industrial development in China, crusher manufacturing greatly promotes its development and has also become a successful example in China’s industrial sector. After in-depth study of the current development of international and turnkey dolomite crushing plant industry, especially the advanced technology of ball mill, our machine holds the view that it is particularly important to further develop and improve the manufacturing level of mining machinery.

The mining machinery industry is an important pillar industry of national economy, it supplies a lot of basic industrial raw materials and products for the development of transportation, infrastructure and real estate industry, ensuring the healthy and fast development of national economy; Therefore, as an important foundation for the establishment of an independent industrial system, mining machinery manufacturing also an important symbol reflecting the power of social and industrial development.

As the vanguard in machinery industry, our machine spends years in development and innovation and constantly develop new products, opening new markets to meet the production requirements of the mineral resources. The new product, such as jaw crusher in nigeria, cone crusher,impact crusher,sand maker and other crushing equipment have features of energy-saving and environmental protection, high quality, efficiency and stabile performance, providing a solid foundation for China’s industrial development.

The twelfth-five year is key period of the overall construction to accelerate the reform and opening up and speed up the transformation of economic growth. The rapid development of stone crusher price list, urbanization and agricultural modernization presents a rigid upward trend of the demand for mineral resources; the international political and economic situation is complex and changeable; in order to protect national economic security, geological prospecting work seems more urgent and more important than any period.

Ensure particle size and prolong the lining service life

The crusher has been researched since 1960. There are a variety of specifications at present. The domestic crushers for iron ore has four specifications such as 900, 1200, 1650 and 2100. Technology performance can be summarized as: this machine can be able to provide more fine-grained raw materials. Therefore, it is often called as super tertiary impact crusher.

The crusher is a kind of cone crusher, which is developed on the basis of Simmons crusher. Its structure is basically identical to the Simmons crusher, only added a rotary distributor and special cavity shape. In addition, 900, 1200 crusher is equipped with hydraulic release and locking device. The locking force is spring force; the release force is the pressure of hydraulic oil. The 1650 and 1200 crusher is locked by hydraulic pressure. The gap between the two mating surfaces doesnt fill any filler. The transmission gear is spiral bevel gears.

The distributing device of vsi crusher for sale is composed of motor, couplings, worm reducer, V belts, feeding tube ad feeding hopper. It can thoroughly mix and uniform all the materials, and make the materials flow stability around the buffer cavity. It can improve the processing capacity, reduce the power consumption, ensure the product size and prolong the service life of lining board.

This machine has unique crushing cavity shape. It contains upper ring cavity, non-broken area, and parallel broken area. Its structure is: in the upper ring cavity, the maximum feeding size is several times than the maximum material size. The height of material must stay in a certain value. The height value depends on the amount of materials in the non-control broken area. While the stability of H value also decide whether it can feed materials quantitatively.

To select the device based on the aggregate

Aggregate crushing equipment is mainly used for the aggregate crushing operation; depending on the different feeding size and the particle sizeof the finished product, the aggregate crushing can be divided into many types. The quarry crusher machine is collectively referred to as the aggregate crushing equipment. The aggregate crushing equipment has a wide range of applications in the mining, building material, highway, railway,water conservancy and other sectors. The main application is the crushing operation of the aggregate and ores. It also has a relatively wide range of applications in the coal field.

The aggregate includes the coarse aggregate and fine aggregate.The coarse aggregate is collectively known as the stone and the fine aggregate is known as the sand. The selection of the equipment should be based on the type of the aggregate. After the processing of crushers,the ones whose article size is greater than 4.75mm is the coarse aggregate, which is also commonly known as the stone, mainly including the gravel and pebbles. By adding the equipment, the aggregate that has been broken can be fine-grained further. After the primary crushing,secondary crushing and the crushing and shaping of the sand maker, the aggregate is commonly known as sand.

The various types of the crushers of the aggregate crushing equipment can generally conduct the crushing operation of the stone with different granularity. In the crushing operation of the aggregate, it commonly includes the coarse crushing, secondary crushing and fine crushing according to the feeding particle size and discharging granularity,namely, the primary crushing, secondary crushing and tertiary crushing.When selecting the crushing equipment in the crushing operation, it is important for the users to make the choice based on the different types of aggregate.

Three important application areas of limestone sand maker

Limestone is the main raw material of manufacturing cement, lime production, and calcium carbide, also it is an important building materials, meanwhile, the high-quality limestone after ultrafine grinding is widely used in paper, rubber, paint, coatings, pharmaceuticals and other product’s manufacturing.Some companies have launched the new limestone sand making machine, it is designed and developed according to the Chinese limestone characteristics and working conditions, adopting the unique rotor structure and wear-resistant materials technology and casting production technology, it has improved the equipment performance and crushing effect and has been applied to the ultra-crushing operations of limestone. According to the market research, the most extensive applications of the limestone sand making machine on the market is the following three industrial areas.

First, it is used to the crushing and sand making of the limestone and river sand in aerated concrete block field. The stone particle size of the limestone sand maker produced is uniform, it fully comply with the requirements of the mortar stone quality, and the powder quantity is high, which can increase the performance of the aerated concrete blocks in the production process. It not only can have a good influence on the limestone crushing, but also can greatly reduce the mill energy consumption and save production costs.

Second, it is widely used in the field of limestone crushing cogeneration (limestone production line). Limestone sand making machine, depending on the stable crushing effect, big production and affordable characteristics, has become the popular limestone crushing and sand making equipment among the concrete mixing plants, and sand making factories. And the limestone sand making an enclosed design, effectively reduce the noise and dust pollution, in line with today’s national industrial development of energy saving green development road.

Third, it is used for the plant dry desulfurization limestone powder preparation. Among the more desulfurization technology, the limestone - gypsum flue gas desulfurization technology is the current mainstream technology, it not only can make the ultra-fine powder of causing the waste and secondary pollution controlled less than 10%, and also the low investment, low power consumption, achieving the big breakthrough of the desulfurization limestone milling equipment technology.

How to choose the ideal stone crusher equipment

In the stone crushing production line, the crushing equipment or crusher plays an essential role. How to choose the ideal quarry crusher has been an important issue for customers.According to our experts, there are three main aspects that need our attention when we are about to select the proper crushing equipment for ourselves:
1.Properties of raw materials
Hardness, gradation, silt content and water content are all key parameters for raw materials that need to be crushed. When raw materials are too hard, they are ready to be handled by jaw crushers and cone crushers as the primary crushing devices. When materials are not so hard, they can be crushed by quarry crusher as the first choice. The gradation of raw materials influences the whole performance. For stones from pebble bed, we tend to use the primary crushers according to materials grading curve. If necessary, allocate the screening machine. If the silt content or the water content is too high, the wet type crushing method is needed.
2.Quality requirement for products
Product quality revolves granularity, gradation and grain shape. For different projects, there are different requirements for the crushing products. Various stone crushers and production processes have much influence on the product quality.
3.Production rate
The production rate or the productivity is regarded as a core parameter for the stone crushing production line. The production rate refers to two aspects: standard particle productivity and whole products productivity. And the former one is more influential than the latter one when it comes to the real production.

Quarry crusher is suitable for crushing ore and stone

The quarry stone crusher is very suitable for crushing the mining ore and stone. Every year, a large number of raw materials and the reused fertilizers need to be crushed by the crusher in many industrial sectors, such as metallurgy, mining, chemical and cement industry. For example, in order to achieve the monomer separation of the useful minerals in the ore, the quarry crusher is needed to be used to crush the raw ores to the required particle size of the grinding process. The grinding machine is used to grind the raw materials provided by the stone crusher to the particle size of the next operation.
The stone crusher is mainly used in the stone production line. The stone production line is mainly divided into the ore crushing production line and the sand production line. The stone production line is to crush the stone, which can be used for mineral separation and the sand production. The quarry crusher can be effectively used to crush the materials with great moisture content, which can prevent the clogging phenomenon of the crusher. Stone crusher can be suitable for crushing both the soft materials and the hard materials. The stone crusher produced by us has very great quantity of motion, which can be car hard materials with low energy consumption. Our stone crusher can conveniently and flexibly adjust the particle size of the discharging materials with wide adjustment range. The attrition of the wearable parts is little and the metal utilization is high. The replacement of the spare parts is simple and the maintenance cost reduces correspondingly.
First, the stone crusher has simple structure, stable work, small size, light weight and easy adjustment of discharging opening.Second, the stone crusher produced by us has great processing capacity. The grain type of the finished products is very good.Third, the stone crusher has the advantages of great crushing ratio, low energy consumption and simple structure.

The grinding roller and maintenance method of Raymond Mill

About the maintenance of the roller of the raymond mill to be done first, often check the roller cleaning mechanism is normal, the pressure on the roller surface is appropriate. Has worn cleaning brush, scraper should be replaced in time in order to maintain the normal state of the roller surface. The working surface of the grinding roller will wear and wear in the process of use. If there is a big change in the grinding effect, it should be replaced.
Roll wear, front tooth surface becomes wider, bald, equivalent to the former angle increases, crushing capacity decreased, power consumption increased significantly. Mill roll down heart polished rough surface, the flour extraction rate will decrease, affect the use effect.
1. In the Raymond mill grinding and grinding ring is used to grinding materials is the main moving parts for extrusion and abrasion form grinding materials.
2. Raymond mill can appropriate adjustment to enhance the grinding material to material grinding effect, high pressure mill can help to improve the efficiency of grinding, increase production, reduce the consumption of milling equipment metal.
3. Grinding and grinding ring can also be used to protect mill cylinder, cylinder from the grinding materials and material direct impact and friction, avoid lead to loss.
4. At the same time, it can use different clearance between roller mill to adjust the Raymond mill feed size, fineness and yield appropriate product material has been obtained.

Electricity suppliers to become an important channel for the sale of crusher

Electricity suppliers can become an important channel for the sale of crusher machine equipment, there are many reasons, the following is a brief introduction of some. First of all, the electricity business has the characteristics of convenience, it is suitable for the promotion of quarry crusher marketing. For example, now the community, the Internet has entered every person’s daily life, electricity suppliers can not be subject to any geographical, time limit, breaking machine business as long as their products on the Internet, it is equivalent to a myriad of advertising. Each need to break the customers, as long as the Internet, you can clearly understand, the crusher’s models, prices, quality, etc., to understand the relevant material of the crusher, customers can according to their needs, choose the most suited to their own crushing machine, simple, convenient, fast.
On the Internet, you can take a direct shot of the crusher machine, the online payment, when you receive a crusher machine, the test effect is good, you can online payment to the quarry crusher sellers. Save a lot of advertising expenses. Secondly, the electricity suppliers have to let people rest assured that the safety performance. Now, we know that the electricity supplier in China has developed a relatively sound. Want to buy a crusher machine customers, although the money paid out, but the money has not hit the crusher seller, only the buyer received a crushing machine, and the test is qualified, will the money into the crusher machine seller account. In this way, buyers have a sense of security, the seller is also assured that the goods sent. All of these, are the advantages of electricity suppliers.

The position of the crusher is becoming more and more important

Crusher is mainly two categories, it in the broken position of the field is increasingly heavy and quarry crusher equioment to the working performance of the efficient mode of production and energy saving and environmental protection in domestic sales each year are high, so far the more than 3000 stone factory has been successfully put into operation, all large and medium-sized stone production line site always welcome new and old customers visit, proximity to the scene to feel generous equipment sonorous crashing process.
Dual rotor system sand machine is our company and a self-developed products, through the national quality system certification, and access to national patent, because of the sand making machine in the production line of good performance and produce a higher quality of sand and gravel, Ying Guangda customers reflect the situation, more customers need to production capacity greater, better performance of the sand making machine equipment. Therefore our company the new research and development of the dual rotor system sand machine, whether it is processing capacity and operating performance are superior.
We move forward in the innovation, the development of a variety of new equipment is not only the improvement of the technology, but also proved the development of domestic mining. We work together, we stand together through storm and stress.

Current situation of sand production line

At present, the use of sand production line has become increasingly widespread. But we often find that there are some problems in the process of daily operations, which is the real situation of the production line. Do you know? First of all, we will understand the use of sand production line skills. Sand production line is by vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, sand making equipment, vibrating screen and belt conveyors and other equipment. Sand production line matrix process first, sand and gravel from the coarse material machine were preliminary broken, then produced into the coarse material by belt conveyor to finely machine for further broken, broken bits after the stone into the shaker separation of two kinds of stones, meet the sand making machine into stone disables sand mechanism sand particle size, another part of the revert into thin broken. The stone of the sand machine is made of sand, which is washed by the washing machine, and the other part is broken. Sand production line automation level is high, discharging size can be adjusted, high crushing rate, energy saving, high output, production of gravel particle size uniform, grain shape, suitable for highway bridges and other large and medium engineering projects. At the same time, we should pay attention to the requirements of different materials, to choose different types of equipment to mix, so as to meet the requirements of customers for products.
There are still problems in the process of producing sand production line. Such as the product is relatively simple, is one of the. People only in limited crusher varieties are limited, difficult to do for different minerals have different targeted and cylinder type magnetic separator for to achieve monomer separation of mineral secretion effect is relatively satisfactory, but the repeatedly powerless.