Optimization design of the rock crusher cavity

The rock crushers are the main crushers for crushing the bulk materials,which are widely used in the metallurgical and mining industries. However, the irrational cavity structure design leads to low efficiency and high energy consumption, which can not meet the need of modern industrial production. Our company uses multi-objective optimization for research and analysis of the rock crushers for rent cavity type structure and has got the cavity type curve and the particle size distribution curve after optimization. The optimized cavity is closer to the ideal cavity curve which can provide specific reference data for the actual production of the rock crusher and can provide good example for further research to improve the performance of rock crusher.

The rock crusher is widely used in different sectors of the national economy to meet the needs different crushing operations. Since the design of the PYB1200 type rock crusher is age-old with conservative design ideas, the efficiency is low with high energy consumption, which can not meet the needs of modern industrial production. Therefore, the performance of the used crushers for sale needs to be optimized to improve the efficiency and improve the quality of the crushed product.

The moving rock, fixed rock and precession angle of the rock crusher form the geometric cavity of the rock crusher. In the crushing operation, the moving rock periodically closes or it is aloof from the fixed rock. When the moving rock closes the fixed rock, the materials between the two rocks will be crushed by huge squeeze pressure. The materials away from the rock surface will fall down because of their own gravity. The movement of the materials in the concrete crushers for hire is very complex. The analysis of the movement of materials is to analyze the motion of the particles.When the swing speed of the moving rock is lower, the particles first do freely falling body movement. With the increase of swing speed of the moving rock, the crushing number of the particles gradually increases. After crushing, the grain size of the product will be getting smaller and smaller.

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